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Are you passionate about motivating and encouraging girls? If your answer is yes, D&P Sisterhood needs you to help us grow and change the lives of girls all around the world. Who can start a chapter? Anyone with a passion to lead, empower and inspire girls to stand in their truth without apology. Even if you are a mother as I was with a desire to create a positive sisterhood for your daughters and girls within your community. Why start a Chapter? D&P Sisterhood Chapters provide a safe space for girls to share their thoughts and experiences with other girls. Being a girls has it’s challenges, but sisters somehow makes it all better. Being a mentor, big sister or leader helps girls to experience the power and influence of a positive village. Attention girls: It’s easy to start your chapter. Simply ask a trustworthy adult (parent, teacher, counselor or young lady 18 years of age or older) to assistant with details and planning for your chapter.
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