The Coaches

Ayneka “Neka” Scott, Etiquette/Empowerment Coach
“The ability to change a life lies within your passion to make a difference.”
Neka Scott is the Founder and Empowerment Coach of Diamonds & Pearls Empowerment Group, Inc., a 501c3 organization founded in 2009. As a result of the sisterly love the girls exhibited toward each other, February 17, 2012, D&P Sisterhood, a peer-to-peer mentoring concept was introduced. Her greatest passion is to partner and empower parents and their daughters with the tools and confidence to stand in their truth, authority, and power. Mrs. Scott is fervent about her role within D&P where she serves as both the Etiquette and Empowerment Coach. Mrs. Scott has recently partnered with two schools in her area where she offers D&P Sisterhood as an afterschool program. In addition to this expansion she’s taking her Be EXTRAordinary message on a worldwide middle school tour to promote self-love, sisterhood and empowerment.
Annetta Swift, Drama Therapy Coach
“I’m loving my flaws as much as my strengths. Together they are the full sum of who I am.”
Annetta Swift relocated to Atlanta, Georgia from Cleveland, Ohio in 1988. Through her God-given talent to write, she uses fictional characters to transport the reader to places beyond their imagination. Her writings are thought-provoking, humorous, and hopeful. She also acts, writes plays, and serves as leader servant of the drama team “Fresh Manna” at her church. Most recently, Annetta has established the drama club “Let’s Act Up Drama Club” at Tussahaw Elementary School in Henry County Georgia. The students there performed one of her plays “Bully Me Not” addressing the nationwide epidemic of bullying in schools. Annetta presently resides in Hampton, Georgia with her husband Rodney and daughter, Syrinthia.
Janiya “Niya” Spears, Senior Peer Mentor
“A sister is the best kind of friend.”
Janiya Spears is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where she still resides with her family. She was a founding member of Diamonds & Pearls Inc., established in 2009. Upon her later transition out of D&P Sisterhood has a member, she desired to remain involved and giving back doing what she loves. Janiya was elevated to the position of Senior Peer Mentor, in this role she gets to encourage, support, plan outings and activities do just that. Janiya is the oldest daughter of her parents and has 3 siblings. She likes to experience new things with new people. Cooking is one of her many  passions as well as working with children and all areas of drama. She also writes in her spare time. She loves to be “in the mix” of things and in the company of family and friends.