About Us

Who We Are
Diamonds & Pearls Empowerment Group, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering girls with the tools and confidence they need to stand in their truth, authority and personal power. In an effort to keep the flame of sisterly love burning bright, we introduced a special after school program for middle school girls known as “D&P Sisterhood”. D&P Sisterhood is a peer led mentoring program. It provides high school students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and contribute to empowering and serving other girls while creating lifelong bonds of sisterly love and support.
Our Mission
Since 2009 Diamonds & Pearls have taught girls to love themselves first and the love for others will follow. We empower girls with the ability to stand in their truth with self-love, confidence, and power – to live an EXTRAordinary life of purpose while serving those around them. We have a special place in our hearts for middle school students as we can identify this juncture in life to be a tad bit scary. These years are the most challenging for many adolescent girls and if not handled with care, compassion and a little caution, things can go terribly wrong. For this reason we exist, to create a sisterhood circle of support and encouragement in a safe, judgement-free space.
How We Serve
D&P conducts weekly meetings to allow the girls and mentors to bond and strengthen their connection. We also offer various workshops and classes to promote social skills and service. We pride ourselves on developing girls of gratitude, ambition, character and excellence.
What We Offer
D&P Sisterhood offers a variety of workshops which include: Drama Therapy
Fabricated Beauty Summit
Hello Cupcake Seminar
Self-esteem Workshops

These workshops provide an open forum used to express thoughts, ideas and the freedom to ask/discuss various topics. The goal for these workshops is to expose the shielded thoughts of teens and adolescents while diffusing the pressures that could result in bullying or self-destructive behavior. Additionally, educate and empower middle school girls on their changing bodies.
Where We Serve
D&P Sisterhood Chapters are intended to reach all middle school girls nationwide and globally. We welcome homeschoolers, athletic teams, youth ministries and neighborhood clubs to join our sisterhood. You can even start your own chapter in a private in-home setting.